Sai Cable And Broadband Network is one of the local cable operator, with a strong emphasis on quality of service from past 20 Years. This has enabled us to cater to hundreds of subscribers across IDA Bollaram.

Now Sai Cable & Broadband Network is added to the new business solution. Helping you manage your business with High-Speed Internet integrated with cutting-edge technology, offers corporate plans with Optical Fiber Technology for all business needs.

You have a genuine connectivity partner with absolute peace of mind, you can focus on what’s really important - your business.


Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about growth.





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Be Part of SAI CABLE & BROADBAND NETWORK for Business Client!

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1) What Is My Account Number?

Your account number is the unique account number allotted to you by our CRM and Billing System at the time your account is registered with us initially.

2) I Have Forgotten My Password, What Do I Do Now?

We provide you multiple options to retrieve your password. You can call us on 9032217316 and we will ask you certain questions to confirm and validate your records in our database. Once confirmed, the password will be SMS's to your registered mobile number and emailed to your registered email address.

Email us on support@saicablebroadbandnetwork.com Please mention your name, username, account number, mobile number. The information provided by you will be cross checked with our database and the password will be sent via email and SMS to you registered email address and mobile number.

3) How Do I Change My Password?

Your password can be changed on Please click on "change password", fill in the relevant information and click on "submit". This action will change your password immediately. It is recommended that you change your password the first time you log in, and also keep changing it periodically for better security of your account.

4) How Do I log In And Log Out Of My Account?

Open your internet browser (IE/Netscape/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari etc). Try to surf to any website. You will be redirected to the portal page to

You can enter your username and password and click on log in. Once you are logged in, you can carry on surfing as you would normally do. Once you are finished with your internet surfing / downloading, you can log out on

Please note that even if you do not log out manually, your account will automatically get logged out in some time in case of continuous inactivity. This is for the security of your account. It is recommended that you always log out once you have finished with a browsing / downloading session.

5) Why Do I need To Log Into My Account Every Time I want To Use The Internet?

Our network runs on world class equipment. The de-facto global standard today is the Portal Based Web Login Mechanism.

6) How Do I Get In Touch With Your Customer Support Team?

Our customer support team is available to serve your needs 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM. They can be reached by any of the following ways
Call on 9032217316
Email on support@saicablebroadbandnetwork.com